Round Cab

ruby-rd-cabsAvailable free sizes and in any quantity.

Oval Cab

ruby-oval-cabsAvailable free sizes and in any quantity.

Round Faceted

ruby-rdRound shapes are available from 5mm to 7mm and in any quantity. Free sizes are also available from lowest to top quality

Oval Faceted

ruby-ovalOval shapes are available from 6X4mm to 10X8mm and in any quantity. We carry lowest to top quality as well.

Note: custom made sizes, shapes and cuttings are available on request.



Ruby is a gemstone in the Corundum family. It exhibits a range of red colors, and the most desired color is pigeon’s blood (pure red with a hint of blue). On Mohs’ scale of hardness, ruby is 9. It has a strong luster like diamonds and sources include Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Kenya, Madagascar, and Vietnam.