Dusky Drusy
dusky-druzyDusky Drusy – Drusy with matt finish on the sides adds a new element of design; Dusky Drusy will add to your exquisiteness.
Concave Drusy
concave-drusyConcave Drusy – Drusy with concave cutting on the sides to produce sparkling iridescence.
Faceted Drusy

faceted-drusyThis drusy cabochon has beautiful facets on the sides to give a mirror like beauty.

Motley Drusy
motley-drusyA twin like bond between the colors makes it an extremely versatile stone to wear.
Mirage Drusy

mirage-drusyAn ethereal by play of stunning colors gives this special stone its breathtaking beauty. 

Fauna Drusy
  fauna-drusyImbibing from the nature; Fauna Drusy is a stone that promises to bring life to Jewelry. Boldly patterned and crackling with energy; Fauna Drusy is unparalleled in magnetism.


Note: custom made sizes, shapes and cuttings are available on request.



The word “druse” refers to a rock surface (usually a cavity) covered with tiny individual crystals, such as are found inside geodes or in large pockets of mineral deposits.

One of the most commonly found drusy is quartz (agate or chalcedony), but many other minerals can exist in this form like chrysocolla, uvarovite garnet, rainbow pyrite, rainbow hematite, cobalto-calcite, calcite,  demantoid garnet, azurite, dioptase , turquoise etc