Nanocrystal® –  is 100% LEAD free material. It also complies with all EUROPEAN/USA Standards

All colors are compliant with these limitation:

We can provide Intertek or SGS Lab results if necessary to prove that Nanocrystal® is safe material to use


Nickel Release < 500 ppm

Cadmium < 75 ppm

Lead < 200 ppm

Arsenic < 25 ppm

Antimony < 60 ppm

Barium < 1,000 ppm

Chromium  < 60 ppm

Mercury < 60 ppm

Selenium < 500 ppm

Radioactive – none

Benzedrine – none


Certain precautions must be taken, such as:

– Even though it’s Wax Castable, better not over exposing  this material to a Torch for a long  time. Which is not regular Wax Casting Process.

–  not over  heating in the oven for too long (meaning  10th of hours and more).