Why Nanogem is the best imitation gemstones compared to other materials?

Colored glass usually has low hardness and insufficient luster. If compared with CZ, Hydrothermal quartz, Synthetic corundum, Spinel etc. our material is more uniform in color and is very close to the natural gems in hardness, refractive index, and luster. Moreover, unlike glass and many synthetic stones, Nanogem does not change color or destroyed during casting with stones.

Recently, a lot of color materials with the prefix “nano” appeared in the market. Some of them claim that their material is also a glass-ceramic, but in fact, almost all of these materials are just conventional colored glass, sometimes zirconium or yttrium, but still Glass. No nanocrystals in these materials can be traced. Accordingly, there are no comparable properties with our Nanogem.

At present, our production capacity is over 80 tons of rough nanogem materials a year. The major part of this rough we process into cut stones and deliver to jewelry factories all around the world, including the world’s most leading and famous brands. Big size stones we cut ourselves at our own cutting facility in Thailand, and small stones of all standard shapes and sizes – together with our partners in Europe and China.

In September 2013, Formica Group received the Awards for the best innovation in the category “Manufacturing and Technology” for Developing and Manufacturing of Nanogem. Getting this highly prestigious award was a confirmation of the importance of our new product for the entire jewelry industry.