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Our new endeavors – Autumn Alexite® and Lavender Alexite®

Our new endeavors - Autumn Alexite® and Lavender Alexite®

Our Alexite family has two manufactured products under its umbrella. Autumn Alexite is Tourmaline Green in fluorescent light and Tourmaline Orange in natural light.

Lavender Alexite changes from an eye catching Amethyst under natural light to a brilliant Tanzanite blue color when viewed under a fluorescent light.This charming combination presents an enticing proposition to the buyer.

Where did the name Alexite® come from? What is Alexite’s® USP?


Alexite人造亞歷山大 – AsiaWorld-Expo Hall 3, 3F-02 & Hall 6, 6N-02

Alexite finds its roots in the name Alexandrite. Manufactured in-house, our brand Alexite is a simulated version of the gemstone Alexandrite. Both, Alexandrite and Alexite acquires colors that are spread across spectrum when viewed under different lights. This versatility of the stone is a much sought after feature in today’s gemstone market and that’s the USP of Alexite.

What is Alexite®?

Alexite is a created gemstone akin to a types of hi-tech glass with rare earth minerals added to it to bestow the color changing traits. We have got two different offerings under our Alexite category. Both our products acquire different sets of hues when viewed under diverse lights.