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IJT AUTUMN from SEPT – 28 SEPT 30, 2015

IJT AUTUMN from SEPT – 28 SEPT 30, 2015



As Japan is world’s 3rd largest jewellery consuming country, valued at USD 8 billion, you must not miss out on this lucrative market.

IJT AUTUMN is held in the best timing for year-end sales!

As IJT AUTUMN is held in the end od September which is the best sourcing timing for year-end sales of retailers, a big number of byers who are really eager to purchase visit IJT AUTUMN. In addition, since IJT AUTUMN is expanding its size and the number of buyers each year, it is recognised as one of the best purchasing places. By exhibiting at IJT AUTUMN in addition to IJT and IJK, you can cover the whole Japanese market all year around!

Strong revival of Japanese economy is boosting the buying power

As IJT AUTUMN is the industry’s largest trade show in Japan for the year-end sales season, a huge number of Japanese buyers as well as many overseas quality buyers visit the show to replenish their stock. IJT AUTUMN is recognised as a leading on-site trade venue in Japan and these quality buyers converge on the show floors for on-site purchase!

Overseas premium buyers are sourcing a huge amount of jewellery/gemstones every year!

Show Management invites selected buyers with large purchasing power from China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, India and many other regions of the world providing them with special incentive privileges. Through the FREE pre-show business matching service, you can also start business with those non-Japanese buyers on-site and maximise your participation results at IJT AUTUMN!